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Neglecting women’s health at work could cost UK economy £20.2bn a year – analysis

Unleash your inner DIVA in 2024

Claire Sweeney: I signed up for Dancing On Ice to get confidence back during menopause

England goalkeeper Mary Earps favourite for Sports Personality of the Year award

Kirstie Allsopp: We all need to be less Judgemental of ourselves and others

2023 wrapped: a message from our founder

Ex England midfielder Jill Scott added to National Football Museum Hall of Fame

Katie Piper: Gratitude and giving are ‘stepping stones to true happiness’

Gwyneth Paltrow says perimenopause symptoms are a ‘rollercoaster’ – here’s what you need to know

Signs you’re a people pleaser – and how it could be harming your health

This week in relationships: Dating sites, emotional availability and the one piece of advice you need from a therapist…

Early red flags in a relationship

How To Create A ‘Good’ Dating Profile

How to navigate differences within a friendship...

Tired of dating sites?

How To Spot A Narcissist

What to do if you think you’re a narcissist

The Most Common Relationship Pitfalls – From A Therapist

The Relationship Advice You Need, From A Therapist

What Causes People To Be Emotionally Unavailable and What to Do If You Are...

The financial ‘penalties’ women often face and how to tackle them

Bridgerton’s Golda Rosheuvel: ‘Why don’t we celebrate becoming a woman?’

Nicola Thorp: Being pregnant with a girl ‘turned me into a lioness’ fighting for women’s rights

This Week’s Hot Topics: Women and The Mental Load, Co-Dependency, and Losing Friends…

How To Avoid Co-Dependency In A Relationship

How To Cope With The Loss Of A Friendship

What Are Attachment Styles and Why Are They Important?

Why Are Anxious and Avoidant People Drawn To Each Other?

The Mental Load And Women In Relationships

Do You Need To Be In A Relationship?

Millions of women to be offered free contraceptive pills in pharmacies

Vicky Pattison: I felt embarrassed when premenstrual disorder was dismissed

Oti Mabuse on motherhood and sharing the load in relationships

Tina Fey says women need to support each other in trailer for new Mean Girls

Low Power Mode: The Brain Impact of Women’s Mental Load

Parental burnout – what is it and do you have it?

Coming out to those you love

How to rebuild trust

How to navigate differences within a friendship

Trauma and unhealthy relationships

What does a successful relationship look like?

Workplace conflict and how to resolve it

'I'm scared of messing up my child'

Meeting new people: don't set yourself up for failure!

Early red flags in a relationship

What does an unhealthy relationship look like?

How to talk to a teenager who doesn't want to talk?

How to deal with personality clashes at work

What are love languages and how important are they?

Phillipa Perry's new book: The Book You Want Everyone You Love To Read (And Maybe A Few You Don't)

Advice for online dating

Is it possible to argue 'healthily?'

What is the secret to a fulfilled & happy life?

What is the secret to a fulfilled and happy life?

Women and children among worst affected by pandemic, inquiry told

What is your fight language?

Sports presenter Sam Quek on motherhood: ‘I sometimes leave myself last’

Empowering Diversity and Inclusion in Media-Tech: An Interview with Shahrzad Rafati, Founder, Chairperson, and CEO of BBTV

Sharon Stone says doctors thought she was ‘faking’ brain haemorrhage

Jamelia says dramatic haircut was like a ‘rebirth’

From Alopecia Advocate to Ancient Rome: A Conversation with Joelle On Her Journey Into Acting and DOMINA

Kathy Williams, the first black gymnast to represent Britain at the Olympics, hopes MBE will inspire others ‘to be the best that they can’

Nearly three-quarters of mothers feel invisible, study suggests

Neglecting women’s health at work could cost UK economy £20.2bn a year – analysis

As Rebecca Adlington shares heart-breaking miscarriage news: How to support others experiencing baby loss

Barbie actress America Ferrera on society putting the ‘burden’ of parenting on women

Pedaling Past Limits: Dame Sarah Storey's Trailblazing Journey of Representation and Resilience in Sports

One's to watch this month

More girls miss school and college due to their periods than colds, survey finds

First UK supermodel with Down Syndrome, Ellie Goldstein, on her inspiring story ‘Against All Odds’

How to support someone coming out in their 30s and beyond

PE ‘enjoyment gap’ widens for girls: Why it matters and how we can help

Bridgerton’s Adjoa Andoh: ‘We need to be better at celebrating the women who got us to where we are’

How should we be talking to our daughters about money?

Martine McCutcheon: It’s OK to be imperfect

Black History Month: The best books for children depending on their age

What you need to know about depression during menopause – as Carol Vorderman opens up

Why is checking your breasts so important?

Lauren Mahon: ‘We can’t keep silencing women’s pain’

The Female Lead's first newsletter is here - let's talk about health!

The impact of chronic conditions on mental health

Should sanitary products be free in public toilets?

Would the female contraceptive pill pass clinical trials today?

How severe is endometriosis?

Gender disparities in pain relief

What forms of contraception exist for men?

Contraception - what needs to change?

The differences in male and female contraception

Why is there a lack of women included in clinical trials?

How much blood is 'normal' on a period?

Your essential guide to an IUD insertion

What is the gender pain gap and why does it matter?

What are the key symptoms of menopause?

Why have women historically been studied less in clinical trials?

Dr. Nighat's tips on how to advocate for yourself at the doctor's office

Why does it take so long to get a diagnosis for endometriosis?

What is endometriosis and what are the symptoms?

Why do women of colour face discrimination in healthcare?

Are painful periods normal?

What is the leading cause of death among women?

What societal gender inequalities show up in healthcare?

90% of people say that their workplace offers no support for those going through the menopause

Dr. Karan's tips on how to advocate for yourself at the doctor's office

Construction industry leaders launch coalition to improve diversity in sector

Nadiya Hussain: Going on a pilgrimage to Mecca made me realise my strength as a woman

Natasha Hamilton said that she is embracing her “new stretch marks, mummy pouch and thread veins” after giving birth

Drive to increase women in golf remains in full swing

First British woman to win an Olympic medal in weightlifting has almost single-handedly shifted its perception

Brand accuser felt ‘cheap’ and ‘dirtied’ after alleged assault when she was 16

Over half of mothers have faced discrimination at work – new data

‘Millions of women and girls suffer severe pain’ during periods – research finds

Trailblazer hopes to become first black female winter mountain leader in the UK

Survey finds almost one in three female surgeons have been sexually assaulted

How to look after your joints, as women experience ‘significantly higher’ pain than men

What is premenstrual dysphoric disorder?

‘Women short-changed as 65% of weekly working hours ignored in official data’

TV’s Anna Richardson: Losing my fertility with menopause hit me like a brick wall

Half of anxiety and depression cases in new and expectant mums are missed: 7 signs a new mum needs help

Everything you need to know about the UK’s first womb transplant

How do you choose the best sports bra for you? Experts explain what to look for

Period advice now being offered by Amazon’s Alexa

Dramatic rise in the number of women freezing their eggs

10 pregnancy and maternity work rights all women should be aware of

As Oprah Winfrey talks about menopause, 7 tips to help women through the life change

10 ways to support new mums after a caesarean

Fertility struggles are affecting people at work and no one is talking about it

How to talk to kids about periods

‘Women need to be made to feel comfortable taking menopause leave’

Male birth control drug is 100% effective in mice

Women short-changed as 65% of weekly working hours ignored in official data

Government urged to remove VAT from period pants

10 ways to help financially prepare for having a baby

How to cut financial ties after a relationship break-up

Women and money: The financial hurdles females can face throughout their lives

5 ways to get on top of your debts in 2023

How older people can learn online banking skills – as report finds many over-65s don’t manage money

Confronting the Pensions Gender Gap

How to help your child grow a savings habit in 2023 and beyond

What happens when couples split up after buying a home together?

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Through the Lens of Pain: Bonnie Macrae's Film Exposes the Truths of Endometriosis

Fern Britton: ‘I didn’t expect to be 65 and single and really relaxed’

These are the female players who paved the way for the Lionesses

Twiggy: I did not plan to get into modelling

Caitlin Moran: ‘Men have more problems than women right now

Government urged to remove VAT from period pants

New mother writes children’s book for daughter to connect to Pakistani roots

Sultana Tafadar is the first hijab-wearing criminal barrister to be appointed King’s Counsel.

Barbie maker celebrates ‘power of representation’ with scoliosis doll

This artist has reversed the gender roles of old-school adverts to show how sexist they are

Nearly half UK adults believe LGBTQ+ representation important in storytelling – study

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5 fascinating things you didn’t know about your child’s first 1,000 days

What does it mean to be a feminist mother?

Ashley James: ‘We have a totally warped idea of what a mum should be’

Denise Lewis on why winning Olympic gold is all down to her mum

Key things to consider before lending money to a friend

Planning an LGBTQ+ wedding? Why inclusivity can be a driving factor for couples

Jodie Kidd: We all make a mess of things when we’re young – that’s life

Footballer, 16, hopes campaign to let girls wear hijabs during PE grows

Friends star Lisa Kudrow at 60: Body image, beauty and more in her own words

Alex Scott shares how to handle misogyny at work

Joe Wicks on creating a positive outcome from childhood trauma

5 uplifting Instagram accounts to follow now

Menopause and menstruation standard launched for workplaces to support employees

These are the phrases working mums want to stop hearing

How to feel happier in 10 minutes or less, according to experts

Smashing Stereotypes to Address the Gender Gap in STEM

Candice Brathwaite on returning to work after mat leave and exercising for joy – not weight loss

Loose Women’s Sophie Morgan on breaking barriers and embracing the label ‘paraplegic’

How to stay productive while working from home

Female leadership expert shares tips for speaking up more confidently in meetings

How to successfully ask for a pay rise, as study shows 60% of people are unhappy with their salary

AJ Odudu on imposter syndrome, small wins and the importance of self-kindness

How to talk to your boss about flexible working, according to an expert

"You aren’t any less deserving of intimacy because your body has changed" - Bella Davis

7 ways to lift up other women in your workplace

Confronting the Pensions Gender Gap

Dramatic rise in the number of women freezing their eggs



Unmasking the Truth: Women's Misdiagnosis Crisis in Heart Attacks

Let's talk about the Gender Pain Gap

1 in 10 women have endometriosis, but what is it?

Period Myths Debunked: Blood Loss, Perception, and Pain! Expert Insights

Why the Term 'Period Poverty' Misses the Mark

When does a woman's fertility start, peak and decine?

Inspirational Lessons from The Little Mermaid Stars

Why you should date yourself

What is love bombing? Beware of the red flag dating trend that can turn abusive

Why we shouldn’t view break-ups as a failure, as Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim split

Dear Fiona: I’m not happy with my boyfriend but I’m scared of being alone

Why ignoring problems in your relationship can just make them worse