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What is The Female Lead?

Well to put it simply, we are a charity on a mission to empower women. Over the last 7 years, we have been sharing women’s stories and stimulating conversations around what it means to be a woman today. 

Our story started in 2015 working with girls in schools, because we realised ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’ and that by showcasing diverse and inspiring role models we can make a big impact and actually change lives for the better. So, we published 2 books about 120 amazing women who are shaping the world today. We sent these, alongside our teaching resources, to more than 25,000 schools with the mission to inspire future generations of girls by breaking the societal cycle of expected gendered roles. 

Then, over the pandemic, our social media following grew organically to over 8 million women of all ages and stages. We were blown away. We came to realise that it’s not just girls that benefit from feeling heard and understood, but all women…

In 2021, we created Fulfilment Finder, a survey designed to help us learn more about women’s work-life balance and what that means at different ages and stages of life. This has now been completed by over 140,000 women globally. Through this extensive research and listening to you, our community (whether from social media commentary or discussions at panels and events) we’ve learnt what unites you, what divides you, and what ignites you - this is what informs the content, experts and role models that we bring to our audience with the aim to inspire and empower women at every age, and every stage. And so we’ve launched our newsletter to share this with you…

What will I get by subscribing?

We have launched this newsletter as a platform to curate original content about the topics we know matter to you. We will share videos, interviews and stories from influential voices on current, cultural events that relate to women today. These will span all aspects of life: relationships, self, work, society, money and health. We will share diverse stories and experiences so that we represent and connect with women, at every age and stage. We will seek expert opinion from doctors, therapists, coaches, counselors and activists to bring you advice that is often too expensive or too hard to access. And, where we can, we will share inspirational insights from women in male-dominated industries.  

Why should you pay for a subscription?

We want to hear your thoughts and views. We want to know what you think about the key issues affecting women today. As a paid subscriber, you will have an opportunity to shape the questions we ask by contributing to surveys, polls, social media, emails and online community events. Your voice and opinions will be seen and heard. And through your contribution, we will create a tailored hub of content & resources to provide tools so that you (and others) can take the lead in your own life.

And so, not only will ‘paid subscription’ give you direct access to exclusive content but, by signing up, your donation will make a huge difference to our charitable foundation and allow us to continue to provide teaching resources and education to young girls and women around the world. 

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Our founder Edwina Dunn and her daughter Rowena Humby both come from a career background of understanding consumer behaviour to reveal what makes people the same and what makes people different. Now, with The Female Lead, they want to use their experience to delve into what matters to women and the biggest challenges they face today to help women feel empowered to live a fulfilled life. 

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